Our story

You've reached AprilianEarthling, Slovenian fashion brand, focusing on high-quality, locally made whimsigoth clothing for ladies who love the esoteric and magical. Our clothes are designed by a fashion designer Maja Đuranović, infusing contemporary fashion silhouettes with exclusive textile patterns.

AprilianEarthling Psychopomp whimsigoth aesthetic clothing.

our mission

Beautiful & Sustainable fashion

Our dream is to clothe the world in a veil of magical patterns and spread the spirit of whimsy through our products. We do this by mixing patterns and clothing styles from the past with the essence of today’s zeitgeist, all while adhering to the highest production standards. A significant portion of our textiles carry the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate, and our fabrics are printed by a supplier using GOTS-certified printing methods and dyes, ensuring environmentally friendly and safe production. In addition, we are commited to sewing garments locally and ensuring fair pay for all those involved in clothing production process, because we believe that ethical and sustainable practices are essential to the beauty of our creations.

Maja Đuranović designer at AprilianEarthling.

founder and creative director of aprilianearthling

Maja Đuranović

Welcome! I’m so glad we’ve found each other.
Let me tell you about my love of stories and passion for patterns.

It all started when I was a little girl, reading Greek mythology and Slavic fables.
Good stories always fascinated me, especially the ones with a meaning so obscure where you get a sense of something mysterious lurking in the shadows, waiting and wanting to be revealed. I also remember my brother's and my childhood room; we had a whimsical wallpaper installed, and when I’d go to bed, I’d lull myself into dreams by tracing the story in the wallpaper. I would look at the different characters and try to figure out their roles and the hidden meaning behind it all. What captivated my imagination was how their story repeated throughout the wallpaper. I would challenge myself to find the repeat tile's edges, only to figure out where their story began and ended. Needless to say, this weird habit stuck with me, and even today, when I run into a whimsical pattern, I try to dissect it from plot to its hidden repeat tile.

design inspiration

Fashion & Folklore

While I was studying Apparel and Textile Design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana, I mainly focused on surface-pattern design and participated in classes of Folkloristics at the Department of Ethnology. What fascinated me the most was learning about folk tales, and how some of them are so deeply engraved in our bone marrow that we can find their parts in seemingly unrelated cultures across the world. They show us that these cultures ran into each other at one point in time, sat by the fire, and shared each other's stories. They show us how we are all connected.

This is why folklore is a bottomless well of inspiration for me and at the heart of AprilianEarthling.

persuing a surface-pattern design career


So, you see, inevitably one day, from my love of stories and my passion for surface-pattern design, AprilianEarthling was born. This happened in April of 2019.

At first, I was playing around on POD (print on demand) sites, such as Society6 and RedBubble, by uploading my patterns on ready-made stationery and home decor products and selling them there.

Later that year, I met a surface-pattern design agent and started selling my patterns exclusively through her. This gave me some extra push to pursue a career as a surface-pattern designer, and later that year, I created the first website for AprilianEarthling patterns.

Slovenian whimsigoth clothing brand AprilianEarthling.

the idea comes to life

Online store opening

I finished my BA in 2023 and felt it was time to combine all of my passions into one and bring my original idea to life – a fashion and home decor brand with its own exclusive surface-pattern designs.

I created the first clothing collection for AprilianEarthling and named it 'Psychopomp' to symbolize my and AprilianEarthling’s journey to the next stage of life.

Psychopomp made its debut at Ljubljana Fashion Week.

Today, the AprilianEarthling online store is open and running, and I couldn't be happier because I can now share my dream with all of you.